Tuesday, 14 November 2017

MultiTerm 2017 question

I will put this question out in a few forums, but as the text will be longish, I use the blog.
I have a customer with a very large MultiTerm termbase, in numerous languages. The problem is, that the German to Swedish translations are full of spelling errors and other errors. So, we have agreed on, that I would do the updating work for them, with some method, as it takes too much time to write huge deviation lists, and then they have to do a lot of work to enter the corrections from my word tables.
Maybe there is some workaround for making this work easier for both parties.

The obvious problem is, that if I work in their database locally, and maybe they or other translators also makes changes, there vill be versions of the complete base. If the customer imports my changed termbase, then e.g. the chinese translators changes will be overruled.

So, if I work with a local, lets say bilingual multiterm, would it be possible to import the German to Swedish changes in the MT termbase, in some format, Excel or xml, without changing anything else in the multilingual termbase?
And, what happens if I add new entries in my bilingual version? Will they be added correctly, without changing the alignment in the big termbase?

Another approach would be to work online, maybe that is also possible. Anyone has any experience from updating MultiTerm on the fly, over the net?

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